Arthouse Cinema & ‘You Were Never Really Here’

I have often thought about what makes a film an arthouse flick and what doesn’t. Haven’t found an answer to that yet, but I feel like I’ve scratched the surface of a possible solution with Lynne Ramsay’s, ‘You Were Never Really Here’.


Florence + The Machine – Sky Full of Song

This song was my first introduction to Florence + The Machine. What got me interested at first is the voice, which I think belongs to Florence Welch. It delved into lines that amused me and kept making me go back to the song.

The Shining

Stephen King did not like this adaptation of his book and I don't blame him. The writers Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson had developed a draft that dumped a number of King's plot elements from the book. The reason I call it a draft is because the script was edited almost every single day, hence taking it further away from the original.